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Keelham Food Hall

Keelham Beetroot Chutney 290g

Keelham Beetroot Chutney 290g

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Keelham's Beetroot Chutney, elegantly presented in a 290g jar, is a culinary masterpiece that captures the earthy sweetness of beetroots in every bite. This chutney is a delightful blend of vibrant beetroots, combined with a harmonious mix of spices, resulting in a unique, sweet, and tangy flavor profile. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it an ideal accompaniment for cheese platters, sandwiches, or roasted meats. The rich, deep hue of this artisanal creation transforms ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. Elevate your meals with the exquisite taste of Keelham's Beetroot Chutney, a jar of gourmet goodness that will add a touch of color and flavor to your dining adventures.
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Size: 290g

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