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Keelham Proper Yorkshire Chutney 300g

Keelham Proper Yorkshire Chutney 300g

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Keelham's Proper Yorkshire Chutney, presented in a 300g jar, is a delicious tribute to the heart of England's culinary heritage. This chutney embodies the essence of Yorkshire's countryside, combining locally sourced ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. Bursting with the sweetness of ripe fruits, a hint of warm spices, and a gentle tang, it's a perfect accompaniment to cheese platters, cold meats, and savory pies. Elevate your culinary experience with a dollop of Keelham's Proper Yorkshire Chutney, and savor the taste of tradition in every bite. This artisanal creation is a must-have in any food lover's pantry, adding a touch of Yorkshire's charm to your meals.
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Size: 300g


Plums 19%, Apples19%, Onions 19%, Tomato 19% Sugar 9%, Wine vinegar, Sultanas (Sunflower oil) Spices, Sea salt, Lemon Juice ( From Concentrate)

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