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Keelham Yorkshire Wholegrain Mustard 150g

Keelham Yorkshire Wholegrain Mustard 150g

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Keelham's Yorkshire Wholegrain Mustard, thoughtfully packed in a 150g jar, embodies the rich culinary heritage of the region. This mustard is a robust blend of whole mustard seeds, vinegar, and seasonings, offering a bold and textured condiment that adds depth and character to your dishes. Its unique combination of tangy and earthy flavors is the perfect accompaniment to roast meats, sausages, and hearty sandwiches. Whether you're spreading it on a ham sandwich or using it to create flavorful marinades and dressings, Keelham's Yorkshire Wholegrain Mustard elevates your culinary experience with its authentic and savory taste, a true taste of Yorkshire tradition.
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Size: 150g

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