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Lottie Shaw's

Lottie Shaw's Luxury Biscuit Gift Pack 3x180g

Lottie Shaw's Luxury Biscuit Gift Pack 3x180g

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Lottie Shaw's Luxury Biscuit Gift Pack is a treasure trove of gourmet delight, showcasing a trio of delectable biscuit varieties that are sure to enchant your taste buds. Within this elegant package, you'll discover the warm and spicy allure of ginger parkin biscuits, their molasses-infused sweetness mingling perfectly with the subtle heat of ginger. For the chocolate lovers, there are decadent chocolate biscuits, where velvety cocoa goodness meets a buttery, crumbly texture, creating an indulgent treat that's simply irresistible. And then, there are the oatmeal raisin biscuits, which combine wholesome oats with plump, juicy raisins for a perfect harmony of hearty and fruity flavors. Lottie Shaw's discerning selection of biscuits promises a luxurious and satisfying experience that elevates any moment, whether enjoyed with a cup of tea, as a dessert accompaniment, or as a thoughtful gift that expresses appreciation and affection
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Size: 3x 180g


Wheat Flour, Milk, Soya, Egg, Butter, Oats

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