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Porcus Todmorden Charcuterie Platter 120g

Porcus Todmorden Charcuterie Platter 120g

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This is a CHRISTMAS AT KEELHAM product and is only available for collection IN STORE on the following dates. 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th December.

This selection has four complementary salumis to choose from. Two are mild in taste (Air Dried Ham and Lomo) and two have a more intense flavour (Culatello & Coppa). Ideal as a starter plate for a dinner party or as a Tapas plate amongst friends. Add some fresh Sourdough, some juicy olives, a fine cheese and a splendid bottle of wine and you are all set for a glorious culinary treat with Porcus salumi at its centre!
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Size: 120g

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